Invited some of my friends to attend a Sunday service in Victory Makati. We’re a bit late but we made it before the praise and worship ends. I’m so blessed! So blessed by the music team, by worshiping God, by the pastor’s preaching. He shared about having the life of purity, he mentioned Samson’s story; that we have to stop our sexual immoralities, desires and intimacy, and start fixing our eyes on Jesus (put boundaries). Sin has simple beginnings, and it starts in our eyes. So we must (I have) set up a covenant on our eyes to not look at the opposite sex lustfully and resist ourselves to be curious and do dirty things. ‘Cause everytime we commit a sin, we make a void in our heart than only God can heal. One thing that really hits me is that God is an unforgivable God. He doesn’t acknowledge second chances, but He accepts second, third, fourth, fifth, nth chances! <3 Furthermore, I was also blessed for these people that came with me in church. I’m blessed to see them acknowledging God, and wanting to surrender their lives for Him. I hope it continues, for them to also receive God’s unlimited supply of blessings. (You have to be fixed first before receiving these blessings, and God can do that for you =))

 After the service, we went to Greenbelt 3. Played at Timezone and bought JCo donuts (boy the line was not lonnng! I love JCo Greenbelt. But a bit disappointed coz they didn’t have my favorites :<) while waiting for George. When he arrived, we decided to eat first before we go ka-ro-ki (karaoke). We ate at Seafood Island, my treat, of course (bawi bawi rin sa mga nagtampo ^^). Ordered Tali Beach (good for 3-4) and Davao’s Gulf(5-7 persons). We thought that we can’t finish all of the food we ordered but it was enoughhh! The good for 5-7 persons were really good for 5 hungry people and 7 ladies with small appetites. Haha. The 3-4 persons boodle feast was good enough for both George and Choki’s stomachs. :)) Well, the cost aside, the meal was delicious! Especially the clams, scallops, and shrimp! Too bad they’re out of crabs that time. :< 

 After eating our hearts out, we went to Timezone to play and sing karaoke! Got addicted to the game with a ball that falls from a tube and it shoots on one of the holes with numbers. Then whatever hole with the number it lands, tickets come out. I enjoyed it but we’re really really unlucky. The ball shoots on holes with number 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. Jeallyy to those who gets a lot of tickets :( haha! We even saw Iza Calzado playing some game in Timezone that they doubted that it wasn’t her ‘cause she has no make-up on. She’s pretty! :”) but we got to shy to approach her and ask for a picture. Anw, after playing we went singing! They can’t watch the Voice PH since we’re still in Greenbelt so we made our own the Voice. :) everybody sang and had a good time! We ate bebsy’s JCo. Hihihihi I was so hesitant telling him to treat us those donuts. :”) We finished our last, hyper song (Fame) by 11pm. Walked back to Ayala, and go our separate ways.

 I lilly lilly had a blast with these guys, super fun! I’m looking forward to spending more events with them. To be honest, of all the celebrations I had for my birthday this year, this is by far the best! Spending time with your closest friends for your birthday(even though its not my birthday anymore), I couldn’t ask for more. :”) Sunday well spent!!